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Algerian girls dating marriage

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As he didn't get what he wanted he remained sulky, refused to pay for things for me, he said "if you want something, you buy it".He even asked me if I had a credit card and how much money I had in the bank!!

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Parents have a more realistic view and can give their children practical guidance in selecting the appropriate marriage mate.In Algeria, as in all Arab countries, society revolves around religion and the religious customs of Islam.Marriage in Algeria is taken very seriously and is considered by most as a sign of maturity.The father of the bride may block the marriage, although her guardian may not.The marriage must be registered before a notary or legal functionary.A date will be chosen to visit the mosque so as to begin the engagement.

Much preparation takes place from the time of engagement.

I fell in love with him even though he was verbally abusive and manipulative from day one.

We married one month later in the muslim way the AL FATIHA. He would do the prayer five times a day and went to the mosk on fridays.

If you need a visual on what the prettier girls in Algeria look like then take a look at Amina Kaddur - she's a supermodel with a face that could stop a freight train dead in its tracks.

Algeria is obviously a Muslim country, which means that most of the women here are pretty conservative in how they approach life, and the world of dating.

Submitted by Naive Girl (Australia), Nov 3, 2008 at Hi everyone, I wish I had known this forum site before I married my Algerian husband. My husband has had many, many girlfriends, lovers, and made the mistake of always talking to me about them.