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Android weather app not updating

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The new app is not available for Windows or Kindle.

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It’s the blurring of the background; its the subtle parallax scroll when flipping between cities; it’s the way the windmills spin faster or slower based on the actual current windspeed." - Greg Kumparak, Tech Crunch Tell us what you think: We are committed to building the best mobile experiences and would love to hear your feedback. ) this app loads beautiful photos from around wherever you are at the time.Screen does not change when I rotate the phone, may be it could display the forecast for the next few days, when rotated. Currently I have the BOM site in my browser favorites and on old Aussie Weather Radar app.The data is processed immediately by the BOM and passed through to our various products. Our meteorologists regularly review the forecast and can update it at anytime. Currently (8.57pm) weatherzone 16.9, BOM 8.45pm 16.8 (as is BOM sourced app). Are the 7 day forecast temperatures specific to Noarlunga? A little more work on the radar, to get it larger and improve the zoom and it will be perfect. looks pretty main suggestion is that you work on the widget.Once updated it is then immediately available to our websites and apps. The more customisable you make it, the more popular your app will be in my view.Things like different widget sizes, transparency, what to display etc. Thanks, Matt Hi there Really sorry for replying you late, cause I was ill and rest in hospital where there is no internet for right ear surgery, and my colleague forget to reply you here, hope you can understand! First, can you make sure you already replaced it with the new weather app?

We have launched a new free weather app from Weatherzone and thought the Android community here might be interested.

It fails when I click on it and it is generating many annoying pop ups stating Unfortunately weather has stopped working.

I have cleared the app and phone caches and I have tried using a different launcher with no luck.

Another thing I notice with some other application is that the location is derived from which phone tower(s) your connected to.

Might look to incorporate it, so you don't have to have gps activated every time you want to refresh the weather for your current location. My wish list is: - More widget sizes, and styles- Weather Warning alerts Thank you for all the great suggestions.

I hope you can understand and do not worry about this! Hello, The weather app is also not working for me as well.