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This side-by-side 3D, or two images in one that are then rescaled, is not the full stereoscopic 3D the Play Station 3 is capable of.

:) Being a mom is what I do best and love more than anything. I started it mostly because of friends Adiene, Eve, Roz, & Vex.The really good high end product animations or visualisations tell a story or message in the most eye catching and creative way possible.They can take you into another world or even to the smallest internal world of the product. :) I finally found this page to be able to edit it! (Who you can see if you have me on Facebook.) I have two budgies, a Siamese cat, and a fancy rat! (Please, please, if you create something with a girl of mine, note me and link the image, I do my best to find them all in the gallery and comment and favorite, but I do sometimes miss some.) Thanks a bunch for visiting my page here on Renderosity...On whether 3D World has a dream-like atmosphere similar to Mario Bros. Motokura: The dream is not what we had in mind when creating this game The pitch is Mario, Peach and friends who will rescue the fairies captured by Bowser.

On whether 3D World is the culmination of the Mario 128 tech demo for Game Cube…

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The options on the Xbox 360 version demo title screen are: Game Start and 3D Mode Options.

The second menu states: "Enable Stereoscopic 3D Mode", then a 3D scale bar to adjust the depth appears.

The Sonic Generations demo launched today on Xbox Live displays in stereoscopic 3D.