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Backdating health insurance

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In exchange for payments from the insured (called premiums), the insurer agrees to pay the policy holder a sum of money upon the occurrence of a specific event.

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Congress passed the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act two decades ago to give families an insurance safety net.The form must be received prior to your leaving date, which you can’t backdate.If you suspend your cover for the maximum period, you will not be able to suspend it again for a further 12 months.Cases investigated by the Fraud Division most often involve criminal acts involving automobile property and personal injury, workers' compensation, health insurance and residential and commercial property claims.Some examples of the types of insurance fraud that are investigated include: California and federal laws also permit the Fraud Division to pursue its cases federally.In response to these recurring questions, I intend to prepare a series of posts, which are indexed below.

Additional installments will be added, so check back to this site for additional series entries.

If your account is not paid up to date, you can’t apply for suspension.

Suspension will apply from your departure date, which you need to nominate on the application form.

Current law requires the Fraud Division to investigate various felony provisions of the Penal and Insurance Codes.

Most often, investigations conducted by the Fraud Division involve some aspect of a "Suspected Fraudulent Claim" or other related crimes.

But here's the catch -- you have to pick up the entire tab for the premiums, plus up to 2 percent for administrative costs.