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As part of the Big Ten, H-Town would serve as the conference’s fourth-largest market (trailing only New York, Chicago and Washington). It’s hard to envision Houston being the Big 12’s first expansion choice — given its relative proximity to Texas, Baylor, TCU and Texas Tech.

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The Land Of 10 offers a pros/cons look at five major candidates for Big Ten expansion: 1. It would also represent the ultimate legacy-clincher for Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany. From a religious standpoint, there’s no greater coup than landing America’s most iconic Catholic institution, relative to college athletics. No school has a national fan base that touches every corner of the country like Notre Dame does. At some point, the conference will officially move on from this high-profile pursuit, if it hasn’t already. NBC wouldn’t be thrilled if Notre Dame had to break its 25-year association with the network through the airing of all Fighting Irish home games.The BYU honor code is far more restrictive than most other university codes. This code is on a collision course with Title IX, the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination at any schools that receive funds from the U. The aforementioned online petition was launched earlier this month by 20-year-old BYU student Madi Barney, who reported last September that she was raped in her off-campus apartment by a man who is not a BYU student.Created by BYU students in 1949, it forbids students from drinking, using drugs, wearing tight clothing, gambling, drinking coffee, homosexual conduct, engaging in premarital sex, or being in the bedroom of anyone of the opposite sex. According to police documents, the alleged attacker, Nasiru Seidu, admitted to Barney during a phone conversation that he had raped her. After agonizing for four days over whether she could report the assault and afford to be charged with an honor code violation, Barney went to the police and the university.Moments after BYU became bowl eligible Saturday afternoon with its 37-7 win over Southern Utah, the Cougars received an invitation to be one of the participants in the 2016 San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl.They accepted, filling the first of 82 postseason berths available this season.Lastly, I love BYU because there are opportunities all over to serve!

It keeps everyone thinking about other people and makes BYU a positive, uplifting university!

As such, the Big Ten wouldn’t have to engage in a bidding war for Houston’s expansion services. With Nebraska, which joined the league in 2011, and Houston hypothetically in the fold, the Big Ten would have the Big 12 territory covered on two fronts — from the north and south, giving it the so-called “sandwich” effect). As a Big Ten member, Houston would be a major national player with recruiting, scheduling and TV prominence, relative to the Cougars’ never-ending territorial battles with Texas (Big 12) and Texas A&M (SEC). The Big Ten would relish the notion of having a strong financial and recruiting stake in the state of Texas, consistently a hotbed for blue-chip prep talent. Houston’s Tom Herman – Ohio State’s offensive coordinator for its national-title season of 2014 – is arguably the nation’s hottest coach, leading the Cougars to a Peach Bowl victory over vaunted Florida State in Year 1.

His presence would bolster the Big Ten’s already-decorated roster of blue-chip coaches (Urban Meyer, Mark Dantonio, Jim Harbaugh, Kirk Ferentz, James Franklin, Pat Fitzgerald, Lovie Smith, Mike Riley). Regular travels to Houston wouldn’t be a major hindrance for the Big Ten West schools, but the same could not be said for certain teams in the East division.

This makes perfect geographical sense for all parties, given Notre Dame’s placement inside the state of Indiana and relative proximity to Chicago — the Big Ten’s No. That’s a lot of money for Notre Dame to leave on the proverbial table — a financial windfall that currently doesn’t have to be shared with other conference members. Even if Notre Dame fully committed to the Big Ten in all sports (including football), the Fighting Irish likely wouldn’t want to abandon their traditional commitments with the Pac-12 (Southern California, Stanford) and the service academies (Army, Navy, Air Force).

That could put a proverbial monkey wrench in the Big Ten’s standard template for scheduling, which means having all non-conference games played before the calendar turns to October. Unlike the ACC or Big 12 schools, the Big Ten wouldn’t have to jump through massive hoops to pry Houston away from the clutches of the American Athletic Conference. Houston currently ranks as America’s 11th-ranked media market.

“Some of the most exciting bowl games ever played have been in San Diego and have included BYU.