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Welcome to the weblog of the writers and artists of Ferret Press (a publisher of fine comix) and PANEL (a Columbus, Ohio comic creators collaborative.) Here you will find our musings on comics, art, the creative process, politics, the web, and life. Gog also has the ability to teleport with the help of his alien wrist-bands." Goofy comic book villain checklist: Alien? The safety groups said in a letter to GM released on Wednesday that the spot could encourage children to take their parents' cars for a drive."I was actually going to comment on this ad a few days ago when I saw it for the first time. Obey all traffic laws." What an f'd up world we live in. Combine those with our inability to deal with threats that aren't sudden or dramatic, and you have the Human Dilemma in a nutshell... I just can't get enough of these Kent boys (well one is a former Kent boy, but none-the-less.) Check out this new sketch book by Jay Geldhof and Robert Ullman!

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The large sunken, island bar is perfect for scoping, and the bartenders deftly help break the ice for lonely hearts.Creating an atmosphere that is at once casual and comfortable. For those that prefer the same simplified experience in matchmaking we offer our 'Date Nights' free of contracts or commitments.It's as simple as selecting your package, telling us your preferences and allowing us to arrange the evening. We are regularly approached by venues looking to have the cheekiest in the world of dating to their spots. to pull a television ad that shows a young boy driving a Corvette sports car so recklessly that it goes airborne, officials of the automaker said on Wednesday... And there are a lot more important issues to focus on during this campaign, like, oh, I don't know...maybe the economy, foreign policy, war in Iraq, etc. From what I've gathered, it seems to be about Larry fathering an unwanted child, and the bigger theme of population explosion and such. First appearance: "Protests from seven safety groups prompted General Motors Corp. And that guy's real name, the one I called "Fourarm"? Which brings me to this solicitation: Image is offering a limited edition signed hardcover collection of Kirkman's series , originally published through Crossgen. Because, hey, if I was 18 during the time of the Vietnam war, I probably would have tried to get out of going to war too. But my god, to try and discredit your opponent's military service when your own house is full of draft dodgers? Thurlow's medal recommendation, for example, says he helped the PCF-3 crew "under constant enemy small arms fire." That recommendation is signed by George Elliott, another member of the anti-Kerry group."The return of Paul Chadwick's Concrete There's a brief interview of sorts on the Dark Horse website wherein Paul Chadwick talks about the new Concrete miniseries called Concrete: The Human Dilemma. Completely unrelated power due to "alien technology"? "Everything But The Kitchen Sink (TM)" factor: 8 on a scale of 10. stupid) enough to create just for you guys, but fuck you for doing this to the world.""The woman on the cover who looks like Judy Garland by way of ER starring Silver Sable is... Add that to your order and you've got 6 money comics shipped for under $5. He's everywhere...couple dozen different books for Marvel, a virtual cottage industry over at Image. And the sad thing is that in the big picture, this is really such a non-issue. By the way, "A Navy report filed five days after a disputed incident in Vietnam supports John Kerry's version and contradicts critics who say the Democratic presidential nominee never came under enemy gunfire when he won two medals." And my favorite part, in regards to Larry Thurlow, a member of the .

Not to complain about the content like the above people, but to poke fun at the asinine small print advisory that ran at the bottom of the screen. I don't know which is worse, the idiots freaking out that a car commercial is going to induce widespread underage driving and mayhem, or the overpaid lawyers who think illegible print that say "hey kids, don't try this" is a valid response to said protests."X-FORCE #26 COVER ROLE-CALL! I confess I enjoyed writing and drawing the sex scenes, too. If not for the ladies, then do it for the amzingly high production standards over at Adhouse Books. But I applaud both camps for spending their time and money to make a fun little fan film.

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