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Columbus short dating now

The latest of their marital woes: Short was reportedly thrown out of his house after allegedly putting a knife to his wife's throat and threatening to kill her and himself. News, revealed sordid details of an April 7 altercation that alleged Short was drunk and enlisted his wife in a violent game of "Truth for Truth," accused her of having an affair and threatened to slash her tires.PHOTOS: Domestic abuse accusations: A look at the celebrity cases The order also required the actor to move out of their Chatsworth home, a process that was supervised by police on Thursday, TMZ said. Let's go.""I don't mean to laugh but it read outlandish and it sounds even more outlandish coming out of your mouth," he continued.

PHOTOS: Celebrity splits of 2014The filing comes amid a slew of domestic violence accusations and just a month after the 31-year-old was arrested in connection with a bar fight that allegedly occurred after a man badmouthed the actor's spouse.Based on Karrine Steffans own statements, Columbus Short is her legal spouse.It was after a concerned fan commented on Steffans engagement photo to “be careful,” apparently referring to Columbus Short’s history of domestic violence.Columbus Short has a new lady in his life who says she doesn't give a damn about his violent past -- and she's not scared because with her ... Columbus's new GF Rashida Russel says they met while he was in Barbados, and the romance continued once they got back to the States (where he was wanted, by the way).Short is still not divorced from the estranged wife he allegedly threatened to kill -- but his new lady He even moved her from NY to ATL where he now lives. Instead of welcoming the warning from her supporter, Karrine went into full defense mode in honor of her marriage.

, Short was only punished for his public display of anger and aggression in a restaurant.

We've noticed that ex-"Scandal" star Columbus Short has been boo'd up with a new chick ever since he and his wife separated.

And he's even gotten close to her daughter (he also has his own daughter with his ex-wife). Tanee Mc Call-Short end their tumultuous marriage--for the third time--it seems Columbus has booked it to Atlanta after the April divorce filing.

He's there to "work on his music"..he has a new chick to there to keep him busy.

Her name is Frances Noriega-Aleman, and Columbus is not shy about posting plenty of pics with her (and of her).

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