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Dating gras valley

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When enjoying wine and food during Mardi Gras festivities, you're in a party dating back thousands of years.

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They’ll part with their expert local knowledge so you can make the most of your shared experience.

In everyday European rustic life, Dionysus became an important deity associated with seasonal vineyard cycles and celebrations.

After completing pruning and before beginning the long wait for new buds on the vines in spring, winegrowers held parties with wine drinking, feasting and creative singing and acting.

Pro tip: snag a seat at the chef’s counter where you two can watch the action up-close and feel the heat from the pizza oven’s roaring embers.

Added bonus: you can also warm up to each other before dinner at Sawyer, the slick spot next door from the Kettle Black team, where you can sip drinks and share bites by the outdoor fireplace on their beautiful patio.

Celebrations continue today in European wine regions in parallel with Mardi Gras festivities tied to the church calendar.