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Smyles' portrayal of Iris in all her weirdness offers much to recognize, fear, and embrace.Walking the line between self-obsession and thoughtful portraiture, Smyles explores an inextricable link between sex and loneliness, self-loathing and self-acceptance in contemporary New York.” —Kirkus Reviews “In engaging episodes, Iris-the-character neurotically navigates dating in New York City, smokes pot on Greek islands with hapless lovers, drinks too much, deals with disapproving family, and eats a lot of cannoli.

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One of the Believer's "Best Books of the Year" One of the Nervous Breakdown's "Best Books of the Year" “The prodigiously inventive Smyles melds novel, autobiography, and all manner of asides as she flails at art, love, and friendship with the wry intelligence of someone just wise enough to realize they have no idea what they're doing.A clever, insightful glimpse into the often absurd existence of an intellectual young woman who makes the idea of floundering in life into a laudable art form.” —Shelf Awareness “You have never heard anything so funny in your entire life. And with those e Readers comes fantastic e Book stores for easy browsing and purchasing.Each ebook has its own sales page and many have follow up auto-responders which greatly increase sales conversions.You will earn 60-70% affiliate commission from each ebook that you sell.A flat-out joy to read.”—O, The Oprah Magazine“Dating Tips for the Unemployed is a charming (yes, charming!

), bravura performance by a writer whose comic chops, literary inventiveness, and crisp prose produce the smoothest of literary smoothies, something like a cocktail of Dorothy Parker, James Joyce, and Philip Roth iced, sweetened, and blended.” —The Nervous Breakdown “Especially if you power through it in one sitting—or one 'lounging'—this collection of rambling and loose-jointed vignettes perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being mired in the strange muck of the late '20s and early '30s, stuck between 'fake adult' and 'actual adult.' Interspersed with amusingly bizarre vintage advertisements for books like Crafting With Cannoli Box String, Smyles' book feels like leafing through an extraordinary personal diary, at times both blunt and lyrical.” —Elle, "8 Next-Level Beach Reads" “Whimsy, satire, and rollicking social commentary… Smyles is a misanthrope-of-the-people, a standout on the order of Fran Lebowitz.”—East Hampton Star “The title isn’t just a cuteness, this is a practical book for impractical people.

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