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Dating valentine mobile game

It's built entirely with HTML5 plus a backend server , allowing easy portability. We believe finding the right match should be easy and intuitive.Early on, we decided that focus and simplicity were the key drivers in designing this web-app.

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In honor of the day of love, why not put that smartphone, tablet, handheld game or laptop down and focus on that significant other instead?Long gone are the days of filling out complicated forms and being matched by powerful algorithms; these days, a simple tap of a button can get you a date in under 5 minutes flat.Instead of wallowing in the flowers and candy being delivered by the truckload to your co-workers’ desks while trying desperately to rearrange the chocolates in their boxes without them realizing how many you’ve eaten, try picking up your mobile phone and finding yourself a date.Swipe through potential matches, saying either yes or no to people in your area looking to make a match. And don’t worry about rejection: you and your potential date will only get notifications if the feeling is mutual.Formerly known as Bang With Friends, DOWN recently revamped its image to look a little less direct.Other choice tidbits broke down the demographics by platform.

Apparently there are almost twice as many men than women using dating apps on Android. Do these findings surprise you, or do they line up with your experience or expectations?

This interesting concept was born in cooperation with game designer Rosa Frabsnap and researcher Sander Veenhof.

We've just launched a free dating web-app, called "Click & Match".

Your partner must hold your hand and guide you so as not to get stuck in the city or knock into obstacles.

You also should have smartphone connected to the VR headset.

Virtual Reality has become the part of our everyday life.