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Devexpress aspxgridview rowvalidating

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Even if I am the only user editing the data, if I edit the same record twice using the Dev Express ASPXGrid View I get a concurrency exception! On my web page with the Dev Express ASPXGrid View I am using an Entity Data Source to make the binding between the grid view and the entity framework. I have the following events hooked: protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) protected void Countries Entity Data Source_Context Creating(object sender, Entity Data Source Context Creating Event Args e) protected void dbg Countries_Init New Row(object sender, Dev Express. Seeing that I should not even be getting the exception in the first place I guess they would not help.

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ASPx Data Updating Event Args e) These buttons work as expected. Maybe it is because the grid needs to use Object Contect and my entity framework classes are using DBContext? Settings Detail属性设置 80 3.嵌套Aspx Grid View树展开与折叠(客户端) 80 四十三、 Aspx Grid View客户端源代码可借鉴点 81 四十四、 Aspx Grid View服务器端源代码可借鉴点 81 四十五、 BUG 81 四十六、 附录 81 1.格式化标识符 81 2.字符串转为枚举型 83 一、 基本使用方法 1.导入Dll文件 Dev Express. Perform Callback 77 四十、 Aspx Grid View客户端非常用方法 78 四十一、 ASPx Client Grid View Column(客户端栏位)常用属性 79 四十二、 嵌套Aspx Grid View的特殊控制 80 1.控制在同一时间只允许一行展开 80 2. So what I did was: This stopped all concurrency working as no old/pre edit values were being stored and so were not available for the concurrecny check. I thought thats ok, I can just use the Old Values passed to ASPXGrid View. So to do so I created a static member on the web page to store a copy of my Country entity. 使用Get Row Key取行主键值 35 二十二、 服务器端栏位取值与赋值 35 1.取行值 35 2.取列值 36 二十三、 栏位编辑风格 38 1. This blog shows you how to use the Do Row Validation method to validate a row of data in the ASPx Grid View.

The sub-sections contain the complete steps for getting data into the grid, supporting editing the data, and validating the contents of the grid cells.

Net页面控件声明 5 4.删除licenses.licx协议文件(盗版) 5 5.功能概述 5 二、 绑定数据(单层) 5 1.使用Data Source属性绑定Data Table 5 2.使用Data Source ID属性绑定Sql Data Source 6 3.使用Data Source ID属性绑定Object Data Source 6 4.使用Data Source ID属性绑定Linq Data Source 9 5.使用Data Source ID属性绑定Xml Data Source 10 三、 绑定数据(嵌套树) 10 1.主从数据绑定 10 四、 客户端行维护(新增、修改、删除等) 12 1.编辑状态 12 2.新增 13 3.修改 13 4.删除 13 五、 服务器端行维护(新增、修改、删除等) 13 1.编辑状态 13 2.新增 13 3.修改 15 4.删除 16 六、 数据保存 17 七、 客户端行选择 17 1.选择页面上所有行 17 2.选中指定行或所有行 18 3.获取选中行 18 4.取消页面上所有行的选择 19 5.取消指定行或所有行的选择 19 八、 服务器端行选择 19 1.可选择性设置 19 2.

Grid View Data Text Column:文本列 45 二十四、 栏位格式化 45 二十五、 固定列 45 二十六、 栏位拖动 45 二十七、 栏位合计 46 二十八、 栏位初始值 46 二十九、 栏位可编辑性 46 三十、 栏位数据校验 46 1.行数据校验(编辑状态) 46 三十一、 客户端事件 49 三十二、 服务器端事件 49 1.服务器事件索引 49 2.

ASPx Grid View Table Row Event Args e) Html Row Prepared(行准备?可在此设置行的展示效果,如背景) protected void grid_Html Row Prepared(object sender, ASPx Grid View Table Row Event Args e) Unbound Column Data (非绑定列数据填充) protected void grid_Custom Unbound Column Data(object sender, Dev Express.

ASPx Grid View Column Data Event Args e) Custom Column Display Text(定制列文本展示) protected void grid_Custom Column Display Text(object sender, Dev Express.

I'm changing the value of the Shale Play field and the Row Validating event is firing as expected. Note that that might be different than, for instance, the name of the column in your database (depending on how your Grid View is populated).