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Flirt sex sim

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Flirts, like other romantic interactions, can spark a crush or new romance between Sims who were not previously romantically engaged.Flirtation can spark jealousy if the Sims engaged in the flirting are also in a romantic relationship with other Sims, or if other Sims have romantic feelings for either Sim that are not reciprocated.

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Check Sim out is a special type of flirt, introduced in The Sims 2: Nightlife.

Unlike other flirt interactions, it does not affect the relationship level between the initiating and target Sim.

A flirt is a type of romantic interaction between two Sims.

Flirts are often the first romantic interactions that Sims engage in, prior to more intimate interactions like hugging, kissing or Woo Hooing.

Flirting can be an autonomous interaction, or can be initiated by the player.