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Hare krishna dating site

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There is also a more practical link between the believers and the cows.

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And though he's been interested in the movement since 1996, he still has a full head of hair.But on a recent Sunday, instead of sporting saffron robes and a shaved head, Hatala was wearing street clothes; he'd fit in as well at Newbury Comics as at the New England headquarters of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).Like earlier Krishna devotees, Hatala started out as an activist - though where the last generation was involved in the antiwar movement, he was committed to animal rights and anarchism."Here, because we have an atmosphere of cow care, the animals themselves are a lot more peaceful and tranquil, and maybe it's also because there is no sense that they are going to be killed by us." Despite occasional massages, careful milking twice a day, and the spacious living quarters - the community has recently installed new cowsheds in French oak - the farm is not the bovine equivalent of a five-star hotel.The cattle pay their way by pulling carts to take groups of school children or young families around the farm, as well as powering a traditional mill to grind the cereal that feeds the cows.To find out, I pedalled up to the Reinickendorf address listed on the Hare Krishna Berlin’s temple website for the weekly Sunday ceremony: singing, dancing and a vegan dinner.

Upon entering the building, I came under the wing of another woman in her thirties, who showed me to the temple room, which had a light, joyous vibe, with instruments and prayer books strewn about and people sitting comfortably on floor cushions.

These include: Our brahmacarinis’ daily sadhana also includes chanting the maha mantra on Tulasi-beads; attending classes on the Hare Krishna philosophy; associating with other devotees; and participating in festivals and other temple programs.

The maha mantra (meaning the ‘great mantra for deliverance’) is as follows: hare krsna, hare krsna, krsna krsna, hare hare / hare rama, hare rama, rama rama, hare hare Women interested in pursuing devotional life in accordance with ISKCON’s Hare Krishna philosophy can contact our Brahmacarini Program coordinator for further details.

As believers of a branch of Hinduism, the Hare Krishnas view cows as sacred and treat them with respect, milking them by hand for the animals' comfort and allowing them to calve less intensively than in industrial farms.

Crucially, the community members are also vegetarian, guaranteeing that the cows are at no risk of slaughter. It's like if you have a dog - how you feel, the dog senses that," said Shyamasundara Das, the head of the farm at Aldenham.

Standing in the lobby of the Hare Krishnas' posh Comm Ave townhouse, located just two blocks from the Public Garden, Josh Hatala is waiting to meet up with friends.