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Is vera wang 63 dating ice skater evan lysacek 27

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There are generations of them, those fashion nuns, living, eating, breathing clothes." It was her fellow colleague, Ralph Lauren, that inspired her to continue her journey in life alongside a partner.

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He originally wanted to play hockey, so his mother enrolled him and his sister Laura in figure-skating lessons to learn how to skate. He placed seventh at his first event and then won his second event.After recently announcing her divorce from Arthur Becker, Vera Wang may already have moved on with a new man, according to reports.New reports have stated that Vera Wang may now be dating Evan Lysacek, 27, the 2010 Winter Olympics gold medal winner in . The 63-year-old began her fashion career after failing to win a spot on the US Olympic figure skating team, quite a few years ago.They remain devoted parents to their two daughters," Mario Grauso said in a statement.That Wang would be dating someone else, however, comes as a surprise for someone who claimed to be too dedicated to her career to have time for relationships.» - [email protected] Lysacek still finds the ice pretty nice. "I'm officially coming back to competition," Lysacek said on Friday's Today show.

"I took time away from the ice, I did a variety of things, enjoyed all of them, but nothing satisfied me as much as competing.

"We have enjoyed more than a decade of a very loving, loyal and happy relationship, but after much soul searching, we have decided to end our marriage," the couple said in a statement.

"We are committed to staying friends and dance partners.

Becker, a former stockbroker, has advised the wedding dress designer on the growth of her business since they married in 1989 - but became a full-time member of the management team in 2010.

"Vera Wang and Arthur Becker have mutually and amicably agreed to separate," Vera Wang president, Mario Grauso, said yesterday.

Dancing With the Stars has never been my bag, but the reality juggernaut boasts three big perks: 1) Tom Bergeron is and always has been an exceptional host, and it's nice to see the veteran of Hollywood Squares and the cult FX talk show Breakfast Time helm a hit series with Emmy-winning flair; 2) Carrie Ann Inaba is a great judge; 3) Excepting So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With the Stars has given us the hottest men in reality TV history. Since the show just wrapped its all-star season with an all-female Final 3, let's reorient ourselves with a look back at the movers and shakers we care most about: the sweaty, sweaty dudes. Evan Lysacek Figure skater Lysacek jumped from his gold medal-winning streak in Vancouver to Dancing With the Stars in record speed, and thank God: He was a sexy mover!