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Justin timberlake and andy samberg dating game

He performed "Suit and Tie" (with Jay-Z) and "Mirrors" (introduced by Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Chevy Chase as The Three Amigos). The monologue—Justin Timberlake, hosting for the fifth time, gets inducted into The Five-Timers Club, where he encounters Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Candice Bergen, and Dan Aykroyd (relegated to the role of bartender).

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'LAZY SUNDAY' The first breakthrough Digital Short featured castmembers Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell rapping about their quest to smuggle cupcakes into a matinee of The Chronicles of Narnia.A dating game sketch (not even an attempt to give the game any weird details) led to an unsurprising reveal (Timberlake and Andy Samberg in “Dick In A Box” character) and a very surprising one (the Festrunk brothers) and, well, you can guess where it went from there.I enjoyed all of the singers’ lines and the way they’d finish each others’ sentences (“BOTH OF US RAILIN’ ON YOUR BUTT!Justin Timberlake is the host and musical guest; in the cold opening, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph and Kristin Wiig harmonize about the illicit boyfriend they have in Santa Claus; in the opening monologue, Justin sings the Christmas Song with Alvin (Bill Hader) and the Chipmunks (Fred Armisen, Andy Samberg); Holiday charity representatives (Timberlake and Will Forte) square off against each other; a stock boy at Target (Timberlake) fills in for Target Lady (Wiig); Samberg and Timberlake sing "Dick in a Box"; Sandra Day O'Connor (Wiig), Thomas Friedman (Armisen) and former President Jimmy Carter (Darrell Hammond) appear on The Barry Gibb (Jimmy Fallon) show; emotional saps try to restrain their emotions on the game show "Dry Eyes"; Mrs.Hastings (Kenan Thompson) is called in after her stepdaughter (Timberlake) coverts the role of an elf in a school play; Nancy Grace (Poehler) gives her seasons' greetings to the stripper in the Duke University scandal; Timberlake performs "My Love" and "...He also reunited with Lonely Island cohort Andy Samberg, impersonated Elton John, stood next to the Three Amigos, and brought us all down to Veganville. Anytime Justin Timberlake hosts SNL is an event, but this one had a particularly large amount of fanfare.

Last night, Timberlake joined the likes of Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase, Candice Bergen and Christopher Walken in the famed “Five-Timers Club”.

So it was a combination of a new style, editing it in a funnier and tighter way and also the music component, which was so strong on its own and was done so well.

AKIVA SCHAFFER, writer: We did "Lazy Sunday" in December of 2005, and by the end of the weekend my brother emailed me and told me, "Look at this place where you can watch it online." Because at that point you couldn’t watch SNL clips online.

Justin Timberlake is amazing and one of a kind, and as if he had to, he proved it again last night.

While he may have looked like Emperor Caligula, sung like Elton John, had the comedic stylings of a Maine-by-way-of-Louisiana court officer and danced like a piece of tofu, the reason his episodes work is because he still looks like Justin Timberlake, sings like Justin Timberlake, has comedic chops like Justin Timberlake and dances like Justin Timberlake.

But as much as he joked, the singer played into those expectations as well - starting the hashtag #JTon SNL on Twitter and Instagram earlier in the week and posting preview snaps from rehearsal days before.