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The objective of a liquidating trust is to help expedite the liquidation of the entity, and allow the owners to recognize gain or loss and to receive proceeds in an orderly manner.


At the end of the fund's life cycle or term, the fund manager may have certain assets that are not easily liquidated and convertible into cash for distribution to the owners of the fund.You ship the goods to the Via Trading facility where they are processed into small lots and sold by the case or pallet to hundreds of buyers. Certain types of products may be most appropriate for liquidation through Via Trading’s monthly live auctions.Auctions feature no buyer’s premium and no reserve bidding; the fastest way to move quantities of product.The liquidation of a partnership starts with a review of the company's assets, including property and cash, and its debts.The partners then sell the company's assets, which can result in a gain or a loss.It may take several years for such assets to be converted into cash.

Such assets may consist of securities that are illiquid or have certain restrictions or monies held in escrow where it will take several years for the conditions to be met for release of such funds.

While MC Sports stores in Michigan City, Goshen and Plymouth are closing, the local Sears, Macy's and HHGregg locations will not be affected.

The fate of the Mishawaka Gordmans store is uncertain at this time.

A liquidation marks the official ending of a partnership agreement.

To end the partnership, the parties involved sell the property the business owns, and each partner receives a share of the remaining money.

When a partnership ends, the partners begin a complicated process of fulfilling financial obligations to creditors and each other.