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So, now he just goes along with it." Sounds like she's loving pregnancy!'Like, for instance, this baby wanted me to live someplace else, so we're moving to a whole different place in Los Angeles because I feel like that's where this baby wants to be raised,' Megan revealed.

Well, in as much as saying f*ck on live TV can be considered pure.But that was nothing compared to the moment I realised just how symmetrical her face is up close. When I came to, I was shocked again when I realised that Megan Fox had two holes on the end of her nose, and that these holes are of the exact same width. Megan Fox is a beautiful monument like the Taj Mahal. Bombshells once used to roam the world like dinosaurs with perfect breasts, but then the ice age came and they died. If you want to see half naked women, it's a click away and on the front cover of this magazine, so it happens.It is only a matter of time before the Duchess of Cambridge is photographed sitting in front of her, looking sad. The eyebrow is in perfect balance, like a problem of logic, or a maze I could get lost in only to be plucked out by the tweezer of reality. But the problem is that women no longer need to be beautiful in order to express their talent. Were the hospitals all closed or something My God she’s beautiful.I assumed she'd be Paris-Hilton bad but she was entirely not-terrible.The cold opener, with Fred Armisen as Muammar Khadafi at the U. was amusing--I think it went on a bit long but it had its moments, like "When it is lunchtime here, I want dinner.He would be beautiful, fit and healthy, with ideal proportions, like Russell Crowe before the bloat. I know this because she’s gazing at me with her eyes all glassy in contemplation, and her mouth open with questions on the tip of her tongue. If she spoke, I think those questions would have been quite something. The idea of bombshells like Megan Fox under threat disturbs me.

Fox had earlier been telling me about how being famous is really, really hard. I am completely shocked at the realisation that the sweat patches from her armpits are completely symmetrical. To be a bombshell in 2013 is to be like an old-world relic, like movie palaces, fountain pens or HMV. Feminism and degradation both played their part in destroying these bombshells.

"You don't hear an audible voice, but I feel like you receive messages from the child if you're open to it," she said.

"For instance, this baby wanted me to live somewhere else, so we're moving to a whole different place in Los Angeles because I feel like that's where this baby wants to be raised." And what does her husband, actor Brian Austin Green, think about all of it? "I know it sounds crazy, like I'm a lunatic, but I've made some really good decisions based on what I think the higher self is telling me to do.

Megan Fox is totally convinced her unborn child has been sending her messages.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress, who is pregnant with her third child, says she and her bump communicate regularly and she’s even decided to move house because ‘the baby wanted me to live somewhere else’.

Before the show began, I went down to 30 Rock on the off chance I could get a ticket or standing-room space somewhere. But I did see ‘s Elisabeth Moss, there to support her fiance Fred Armisen. NBC honcho Jeff Zucker walked into the building virtually unrecognized sporting a casual sweater around 11 p.m. Iran was making even bigger news this week, and Armisen plays Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, too. Bill Hader makes a late voiceover appearance again, this time as the pilot. Then we saw the return Grady Wilson (Kenan Thompson) in a new infomercial for his DVD, “Burning Up the Bedsheets,” that offers his unique exercise moves. This time, it’s Fox taking Andy Samberg back to her apartment — which is clearly a hotel room?!