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Lloyd cotsen dating

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He later returned to Princeton to study architecture, and during the summer of 1954, he worked as field architect at an archaeological site in Lerna, Greece.

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Available for browsing now at Soviet Era Books for Children and Youth, the collection’s first 47 titles were digitized for a symposium at the university on illustrated literature for children from the Soviet era.“We owe so much to his personal involvement and his generosity, which includes his financial largesse, but, most of all, his love for archaeology and his critical support of the institute,” said Willeke Wendrich, director of the Cotsen Institute and a UCLA professor of Near Eastern languages and cultures.“The students who have never had a chance to meet him should know that this was a man who paired business acumen with wisdom and a great sense of humor.” Born Feb. After graduating from Princeton with a degree in history, he served in the Navy during the Korean War.“Then Lloyd generously donated a substantial and extremely important collection that really extended the museum’s collection in many important ways. Its primary strength is in textiles and dress, costume, but there are some really good examples of basketry and some stand-alone sculptures.“He requested that 80 percent of the collection be shown within five years,” Villela added.He also created two endowment funds at the Museum of New Mexico Foundation,” which continue to provide support for the Museum of International Folk Art.“This was a gift that was transformative,” said Khristaan D. “That agreement was an ingenious way of satisfying both the museum and the collector.This endowment secures funding for the continuationand improvement of the public lecture program.* Visiting Scholars Program -- The endowment will support an annualvisiting scholar who will work in the UCLA Cotsen Institute, participatein the institute's programs, and teach a graduate seminar for UCLA students.

Part II includes complete facsimile reproductions of the thirty picture-letters included in the collection that Potter wrote to some of her many young friends."The institutewill support and coordinate the work of faculty and students from the fullspectrum of UCLA departments interested in archaeology."The Lloyd Cotsen Director The million pledge from the Cotsen Family Foundation will createan endowed directorship at the institute to be used primarily for discretionaryfunding for projects chosen by the director."Creating such a large pool of unrestricted funds is extremelyunusual in endowing archaeology programs and is extremely forward-thinking,"said Leventhal."The Lloyd Cotsen Director's endowment will help uscreate new and exciting programs in perpetuity -- including projects inour field that have yet to be imagined."Designated Funding Support The balance of the Cotsen gift provides funding for designated projectsin eight areas of teaching, outreach and research: * Field Research Grants -- Research grants under the Cotsen gift willfund not only field research for large-scale projects, but also the preliminarywork required to develop long-range support for field work -- the vitalfirst step in initiating important, large-scale archaeological projectsthroughout the world.* Publications -- The UCLA Cotsen Institute, already a major publisherof basic archaeological research field data and interpretations, will nowproduce an even broader range of archaeological monographs.

His 1994 gift of more than 3,000 objects to the museum led to the building of its Neutrogena Wing, which opened in 1998.

It includes the nearly 4,000-square-foot Cotsen Gallery; the Neutrogena Vault, where items from the collection not on display are stored; and an open storage gallery with rotating exhibits, aptly named Lloyd’s Treasure Chest.“It was a lovely thing because we were able to get the state to commit to the building project,” said Charlene Cerny, director of the Folk Art Museum from 1984-99.

Cotsen once explained his love of the field to UCLA Today: "It's an adventure story.

The real thrill is being out there, seeing and touching and feeling what remains of a group or culture.

Another 112 have been added this summer in preparation for a spring 2017 conference.