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Lucia micarelli and josh groban dating

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Violin virtuoso Lucia Micarelli will be joining Josh Groban on his South African tour, in support of Unite Against Hunger.

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After touring extensively with the famed Trans-Siberian Orchestra throughout the 2003 holiday season as the group?It is a blend of classical pieces and familiar pop songs, including Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", David Bowie's "Lady Grinning Soul" and David Foster's "To Love You More".In May 2005, Micarelli opened for West End singer Michael Ball.After her tour with TSO, Micarelli joined Josh Groban on his Closer Tour as a guest soloist and concertmaster.In 2004, Micarelli released her first album Music From A Farther Room, executive produced by Groban.It’s documentary-like in style and pace, intimate and intelligent and respectful of characters and a setting rarely visited on a network TV drama.

“ ‘Friday Night Lights’ was different,” Dickens said. You’d shoot so fast, and it was so much fun to improvise. ’ It’s just a really tightly run and smoothly run ship.”In those scripts, Dickens said, is an ongoing recognition of a palpable “life force” in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Born in Queens, NY, Lucia Micarelli was immersed in the arts by the age of three, diligently practicing dance, piano and violin.

It didn't take long for Lucia to discover her passion and greatest talent was the violin, which became her main focus.

And I’m going to learn so much faster around these people.” The learning started on Micarelli’s first day on the set, the first-season scene in which Annie and Sonny busk for Wisconsin recovery volunteers. “I didn’t know what ‘first team’ and ‘second team’ was. That was required of you on ‘Deadwood.’ It was really intense, dense material.” Dickens played Shelby Saracen in the third and forth seasons of “Friday Night Lights,” the fifth and final season of which is now airing on NBC.

I didn’t know what ‘checking the gate’ or ‘reset’ was. And then, I remember, the girls who played the tourists were all talking to me about how they’d been in this acting class and that acting school. I said, ‘Give me some pointers.’ They said, ‘What are you talking about? I need help.’”Micarelli said she’s now mostly over “feeling like an idiot all the time.” “All through the first season, when I would have little breaks from shooting, I’d go back on the road with Chris Botti, just because I felt like I needed to go do something where I feel like I know what I’m doing,” she said. Based on a nonfiction book and later feature-film adaptation of the same title, “Lights” tells a small-town Texas tale set among the dramatic caldron of high school football.

The interview was taped during the series' 'My Darlin' New Orleans' benefit in 2010.