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Ms project updating schedule

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To save a baseline copy of your project file, click the “Project” tab in the Ribbon and then click the “Set Baseline” drop-down button in the “Schedule” button group.In the drop-down menu that appears, select the “Set Baseline…” command.

If a milestone is no longer in the Microsoft Project schedule, it is also removed from the project calendar.This allows you to compare the actual values, durations, and work associated with the completion of the project’s tasks to your original baseline plan.This data can then be displayed and printed using the different views and reports within Microsoft Project.In real-life this would make task C start a day earlier and eventually the entire project would finish 1 day earlier.This is not reflected in MS Project automatically, and I wonder if I'm missing a setting somewhere or some action to be done. because the MS Project team doesn't have to dog-food their own product.','What_are_project_milestones_.htm');return false;" title="See Also" If you publish a Microsoft Project schedule to the project workspace, you can add milestones from the Microsoft Project schedule to the project calendar.

Centric Project adds all milestones in the published Microsoft Project schedule to the project calendar and assigns you as the milestone's owner.

If the publisher chooses not to republish the Microsoft Project file milestones to the calendar, all previously published milestones are removed so that the Microsoft Project and project calendar milestones are synchronized.

Let's say for the sake of simplification that I have a project with 3 tasks: A B and C. Now let's say that we are on day 3 of the project and we find out that task B is completed (the developer had some spare time and was stuck with task A).

All project users who have access to the project calendar will be able to view the Microsoft Project milestones that you publish to the calendar.

Milestones also appear in each user's My Dashboard window.

You have to make each task a predecessor to the other for them to shorten up if one finishes sooner then planned.