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so..seems to me that everything is working according to stiff schemes, the first date, the second date, before the third you are not supposed/allowed to do certain things, and then the 'exclusivity' that you ask your partner... i met girls that do not even make the move to pay, some of them say "thanks for the evening" some not even say that.

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I have been told so many things about how the dating scene here works, that if i had heard from Carrie of the Sex&the City i would have never believed... and do the guys pay every single time for every date????

on the one side seems so easy, because when you finish a relation with a girl/guy, you can meet some else the same nigth, but it is like a written code: first date you kiss each other, the second date you behave according the rule of the second date, and then the third date you can have sex. You're not obligated to give this information, but without it, people will be talking about dating in general terms.

It's my opinion that Sex in the City did harm to the NYC dating scene. people within A or B are successful in whatever city. My family is not the Kennedy one, but we are not homeless.

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