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Even when we are happy, which happens, we should prepare for the bad times that will most certainly come after our super short moments of bliss. A Bulgarian writer once told me “if no one hates you in Bulgaria, you are no one. Your neighbor has an expensive car, earns more money, and fucks good-looking women?

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The morale in it is that tricky people will always try to abuse your weaknesses, if you let them. “A hungry bear doesn’t dance horo” So you think this article sucks and doesn’t really reveal Bulgarian culture? Khan Kubrat once showed his sons how easy it was to break a single stick, but impossible to break a stack. Especially when our stubbornness is actually used for greatness. Astonishing isn’t it.” The Dover councilor had received a six-page pamphlet on behalf of local anti-EU candidate David Little.Cllr Wallace told the Mail Online: “After the leaflet came through the door I went up to a man and asked him if he delivered it.The rebellion started on 20th April in Koprivshtitsa earlier than planned due to a leak of information.Once started, the rebels spread the news to the other regions.CCTV footage of the shocking attack, which showed a man kicking an unsuspecting woman down the stairs at an underground station while he casually smoked a cigarette while holding a bottle of beer, went around the world.

Stoykov, who was originally from the city of Varna in his native Bulgaria, has been interviewed by prosecutors in Berlin but it is unclear if he is admitting or denying his involvement in the incident.

OR def 3: An online community that only exists for the sole purpose of finding a real girl on her webcam!

People enter the room, ask to view the cams, and then leave when they realise the only people that will let them view are middleaged men with their nobs out.

B: Guess what, I went to a sauna and met my boss in the changing room.

(noun) - The tenth level of hell, existing in the eleventh dimension, in which the string theory went horribly, HORRIBLY wrong, the devil has regular sex with other damnèd men, pigs fly, cows carry guns, Man Faye is respected for his hairy balls, and existing as a n00b is the fair equivalent of crawling naked up Omaha beach on D-Day with even your allies shooting at you, no weapon, and #irc channel lists pulling out the strings of your brain, and no Advil to kill it off.

Before the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 the Balkan peninsula was almost entirely part of the Ottoman empire.