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Online dating safety for teens lessons

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This article won't cover all the whys or statistics of Internet safety, but if you're looking for some great resources try reading the following: The Net Smartz Workshop Web site is a virtual plethora of information, well-suited for parents, teachers, kids of all ages and teens.Even if this site was the only site on the Web with lesson plans, you'd be good to go.

The personal computer is a commonly used hardware in providing dating service over the Internet. One has to provide his personal information to the given dating service before searching for a partner.If Peer Mediation is an ongoing program at your school, this lesson can show teens how it works and encourage them to train to become mediators. This lesson helps students explore the social "boxes" that they place themselves in or are put in by others, and focus on how they judge one another.If Peer Mediation is new to your school, this lesson can be the jumping-off point to initiating a training program. This can also serve as a training session for students who wish to be Big Brothers and Sisters to incoming freshmen, or student facilitators of Human Relations groups. This lesson plan is designed to teach anger management and conflict resolution through the "I-Message" communication technique and other group activities. By – Salma Raad Primary Subject – Computers / Internet Secondary Subjects – Grade Level – 9-11 Date: 5/25/2001 Goal: Students should understand online safety.Objectives: -Students should know the rules & behavior online.Follow-up/Extension: I will ask the students to go & discus Internet rules with their parents & bring it as homework.

It was late fall during my freshman year at college.

It's very important to teach the proper skills to kids in regards to the Internet.

The Internet can be a useful tool both educationally and socially for kids, but it can also be a dangerous place.

-Students should understand the danger of the Internet.

-Students should know there is no privacy on the Internet. Activity #1: -Show video (about 10 min) from site: w the video.

Sure, teens still meet in the same ways that kids always have, but the low social risks associated with flirting online have made that option more acceptable to some than trying to talk face to face in a crowded school hallway.