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Parenthood actors dating

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After the "lovely" visit, the cast — Potter's TV husband Peter Krause (Adam Braverman), Lauren Graham (Sarah Braverman), Dax Shepard (Crosby Braverman), Erika Christensen (Julia Braverman), among others — then let down their hair and boogied (the Braverman way!

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"It was party mode — this is going to sound really screwed up — it was sort of like a funeral and a party mixed into one.will finally come to an emotional end on Thursday, Jan. Monica Potter, who's played Kristina Braverman on the beloved series since 2010, opened up to Us Weekly about reading the final script, her favorite story lines, and how the cast bittersweetly celebrated and said goodbye at a multi-legged wrap party back in December.PHOTOS: TV shows gone too soon For the first gathering, Potter had dinner at creator Jason Katims' home. Sometimes, though, like Seth Holt with a pocket full of cash and a fresh motel room, it celebrates it a little too hard and doesn't know when to stop.Here's a ranking of the major (and majorly frustrating) kid characters on None. He's sweet, kind, enthusiastic, and the worst thing he's ever done is not want to clean his room.NGL, we seriously HOPE Miles and Brandon are really dating IRL — how freakin’ cute are they together!?!?

NBC's Parenthood is filled with complex family relationships.

She's always there for her brother, and she's put up with quite a bit from her troubled boyfriend, Ryan. Being a sore loser, a tattletale, a complainer, and a manipulator. Which seems awful to say of a child, but maybe you haven't seen Sydney Graham? No one said "no college," Haddie, they just said you may not be able to go to that .

She's like the ten worst She's modeling her mom's Type A traits and her dad's stubborn self-righteousness. (Which they found a way to do, thanks to her tantrum. ) Later, when Kristina gets cancer, Haddie ignores her mother's instructions and flies home from college, jeopardizing her entire semester at said incredibly expensive school, mainly because she just wants to make herself feel better. Your closest competitors for this spot are still drinking from juice boxes.

Also, how would you feel if you were the oldest kid in your family, and then one day your parents sign on for something called a Sky Baby and suddenly you've not only got an older sibling, you've got one who sucks all the attention away from you? Telling his adopted parents he hates them -- like, every week. She refuses to go on the family Autism fundraising walk because she's pissed at Amber. Do these sound like good reasons to be a selfish creep?

Haddie also shirks her babysitting duties, enabling her younger, Asperger's-affected brother to wander off and get lost in the city.

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