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Peerguardian blocklist not updating

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Example: You found out that your IP is So on the same port some traffic from good IPs is allowed, and some from bad IPs is blocked.Then your LAN will most probably cover the IP range So you could just ignore the "closed port" warning.

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It blocks "known bad" computers from accessing yours, for example governments, corporate entities, and those flagged for anti-p2p activities. You can also attach log/conf files, images of screenshots, or zip files to better describe your problem.The original version was released for free and the source code was made available under an open source license. The development of version 2.0 was led by Cory Nelson, and aimed to resolve many of the shortcomings of Version 1.Due to Version 1.0 only blocking TCP ports Peer then shifted to uk where Protowall, The blocklist Manager, B. Version 2 enabled support for more protocols (TCP, UDP, ICMP, etc.), multiple block lists, and automatic updates.Then you need to whitelist this range for incoming and outgoing connections. What happens on your side is, that your torrent client tells an testhost to try to connect to you.Edit /etc/pgl/and add these lines: For each possibility you can learn how to do it in another question here on the page. Generally you should first decide on the correct set of blocklists. But if you want to connect to many other computers, where you don't know the IP, or where the IPs may be even changing frequently, then you may do port whitelisting. Now, probably this testhost is in the blocklist, so it gets blocked.Noticed 2 days ago that I cannot update the P2P list when trialing this program.

Same issue for the developing Peer Block program as it access the same URLs.

Sheesh, Bluetack lists (and BLM) aren't just used for P2P apps you know, they are used to update a number of programs.

Oops I meant the lists, just installed it and it blocked itself from updating properly, still the same junk.

Peer Guardian is a free and open source program developed by Phoenix Labs.

It is capable of blocking incoming and outgoing connections based on IP blacklists.

But if you have problems follow these instructions: You have to whitelist your LAN.