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Podcast not updating ios 7

podcast not updating ios 7-61

Do you have an app that refuses to update or a new app that is stuck in the middle of the download?

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We’ve already covered a number of these updates, including those for the i Work and i Life suites, and now it’s time for some i OS-specific apps.Also, if you are downloading or updating apps over Wi-Fi or 3G make sure the problem is not with your data connection before proceeding.The easiest way to clear up apps that are stuck waiting is a Restart.If your i Phone 6 won’t download Apps still, try restarting the device so the internet would reconnect.Another Method of fixing the apps being stuck on “Waiting” is to change the Date & Time.You can tell the i Pad to start downloading the app again by simply trying to launch the app.

When you tap on an app that is in the 'waiting to download' stage, the i Pad will try to download it.

We uploaded via Chrome, on a Mac, and exported the podcast to mp3 via Adobe Audition.

We're totally stumped on this - can anyone shed any light?

As you might have guessed from my Cheap Ass Gamer app, I like to listen to podcasts a lot.

Usually when I’m doing something mundane like washing clothes, making food or before bed.

This error appeared to show up on all people's Podcast apps.