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Pooping on cam live free

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Earth Cam and the Greenville Zoo have teamed up to offer an exclusive look into the Masai Giraffe exhibit at the Greenville Zoo in Greenville, SC., where parents Autumn and Walter recently welcomed a new calf.Enjoy this rare opportunity to watch as the adorable family explores and interacts, and the chance to see the calf develop and discover the world around it!

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Yes, we’ve all been glued to the Live Feed of this majestic momma, and memorized just about every spot, manerism, and feature of this now-famous animal (or maybe that’s just me).it was Mo that had to pony up some dough, although it's unclear how much.We're also told she's STILL living in the house and has to continue paying rent until she moves out.Some HGs my season asked for mild laxatives to help them go, because they were so camera-terrified about the toilet.If you’ve noticed, footage in the toilet only happens when something’s actually going down in there (and by down I don’t mean feces), be it plotting or having sex or cleaning the toilet with someone’s toothbrush. (The toilet was WAY bigger back then in the BB house by the way…) You’ll never see HGs in the bathroom together, with one sitting there pooping on the toilet and the other just standing there talking strategy.Now the craziness is behind them and both parties came to an agreement last week and dropped their dueling lawsuits.

Sources tell TMZ as part of the settlement deal ...

If fans can ask me about “how” I pooped in the BB house, then you’ll just have to bear with me on the unsavory title and subject matter.

It’s a fair question, and one I asked myself dozens of times a day before entering the house.

We’ve all held our collective breath each time she moves, lays down, or for goodness sakes, even swishes her tail. Everyone gets all excited, just to be greated with more of the same: April, in a stall, standing, walking around, eating, sleeping, pooping.

There are huge news stories all over the internet…and I’m just sitting here waiting for April to poop out that baby.

You’ve probably never given much thought to the pooping habits of sloths, and we can’t blame you.