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Proximity dating device

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Proximity Service uses your device's proximity sensor to control the screen on/off state.

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Running the app will place a notification in the system that will persist as long as the service is running in the background. Note that Proximity Service does not prevent the device from falling asleep when the device is being used normally with the screen on and user activity timeout has been reached.The App: First The Pitch: "The First Real Dating App"What We Think: Anyone who has spent time on a dating app knows that many messages go unanswered and, even for those that are answered, an in-person meet-up doesn't always happen. You post a date you're interested in going on and other users express interest.You can also specify ahead of time who will pay or whether you will split the date.We want to revolutionise the way people interact in the real world through their smartphones, from facilitating nearby interactions with friends or colleagues to social discovery.We received a lot of interest in the technology that powers our disruptive safety app.It allows the creation of a wireless mesh network of smartphones with other nearby users when no network is available, so that alerts and your last known position could be relayed back to the cellular network through others.

Our technology even caught the interest of one of the biggest social networks, with whom we collaborated, as it could carry more than just alerts and a few location points…When you think about it, our smartphones are great to communicate remotely with our friends and relatives, but they still feel clumsy when having to make sense of what’s around us, especially people.

However, the device will not fall asleep as long as the screen has been turned off by the proximity sensor as this effectively counts as continuous user activity.

This app is open source - follow the website link at the bottom of this Play Store listing for the Git Hub repo.

There's no reason you should have to do all that leg work when we can do it for you.

So, each month we'll test drive the latest dating apps and report back on what's worth your time.

These security features are in place to avoid fake users, which is a major problem with other dating apps.