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Our shirts have been worn by celebrities like Mark Cuban, Lewis Black, Slash, Robert Smith of the Cure & have been featured in magazines like Playboy, Maxim, and Elle Girl.

Over the 10 years I have been buying and selling domains I have used 1and1 – I have just over 150 domains with them and over the years I have worked out that I have spent high ££££ with them.The very same muppets would write about how terrible it was that i OS/Android had no competition and then how terrible it was that Canonical was investing in (free software!) compositing and convergence.” The comment concludes with three words of profane and terse criticism: “Fuck that shit.” Shuttleworth has form using strong words to describe Mir opponents: he once labelled opponents “the Open Source Tea Party”.(Though, let's be real here, the GPS location services of many apps are sketchy at best.) There are apps for all kinds of sexualities ranging from casual hookups to specific fetishes. Go for it — heck, why not do it anonymously while you're at it; app, you can smile proudly to yourself knowing you've found love (or lust) in a rather not-hopeless place.And, hey, there's no shame if you're just looking for the latter; there's obviously an app for that, too.Apple Music, born from Apple's $3bn acquisition of Beats Music, is Cupertino's attempt to topple Spotify in the streaming music market.

Apple had hoped to swing the might of its i Tunes business to draw users and record labels away from Spotify and other streaming music services. "I had high hopes for Apple Music," writes Jim Dalrymple of influential Apple fan blog The Loop.

"I really wanted it to work and become my default music streaming service, but after the problems I’ve experienced over the last couple of weeks, I’m disabling it altogether." If the early numbers are any indication, however, Cook and Co.

have quite a ways to go before catching up with the reigning music streaming champ.

For those who are looking for the area that you can cancel or move your 1and1 domain contracts it seems 1and1 have blocked this area to search engines and it is difficult to find on the website therefore making it very hard for you to cancel your 1and1 contracts.

To cancel your 1and1 contracts you need to visit this URL – contract.1and1uk.

Rationally, Windows does many things well and deserves respect for those.