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Selena dating taylor

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Only time will tell if Taylor and Joe will take a cue from Abelena and post a cute selfie together, but we’re sure hoping she does.The Come and Get It singer revealed that Taylor is smitten with her English beau but didn’t really go into too much detail, aside from the fact that the Bad Blood star is ‘happy’. It’s been a good time.’ The 24-year-old star – who previously dated Justin Bieber – also opened up about her relationship with rapper The Weeknd and how they have been there for one another. ‘Taylor and Joe are really serious and this is the latest sign that she has really fallen hard for him,’ they said.

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While Taylor has chosen to go the private route with her relationship, Selena on the other hand has been a little more public with The Weeknd.Bella and Selena do know each other, and Selena has mingled aplenty with Bella's big sister, Gigi Hadid, so if the walls felt as if they were closing in a bit for the 20-year-old model, who could blame her.While it may be perfect-world mature to be able to be "happy for your friend" when she couples up with One, it's a private statement.Call us un-evolved, but we could never quite get how Taylor Swift could happily hang out with Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas, after what she went through with Joe.Sure, she was dating Calvin Harris at the time, but still...Wouldn't that be awkward city, for everyone involved?

Same with Taylor and Kendall Jennerbeing all chummy, after it became blatant that Kendall was enjoying the company of Harry Styles, patient zero at the heart of Taylor's 's normal.

Well — we guess we will have to wait and see if this ~friendship~ develops into something more!

Taylor Swift is keeping her relationship with Joe Alwyn so under the radar, that no one even know that the two had been secretly dating for the past couple of months.

“Granted, Taylor was also with them, but at one point it was just the two of them dancing.” RELATED: Selena Gomez is “Determined” to Be a Mom, Source Claims Austin.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images) So — is the actress/singer, 23, finally moving on from ex-boyfriend, ?

both wearing Louis Vuitton after all, so they started off the evening as label mates.