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The only difference is the type of communities and players the server attracts; however the social difference is profound.

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A RP-Pv E server works just like a Pv E server and a RP-Pv P server works just like a Pv P server.Unlike real life which limits the extent of presentation changes to represent a role, Second Life affords endless ways to represent a given role, a character with credibility.First of all, each RP sim and community has it´s own set of rules.Since the plugin sends you json messages instead of plain text messages you can interact with the chat, so instead of remembering all the commands to edit your card you can click on the values to edit them Birds Birds are a way of sending long distance messages in roleplay.It wouldn't be realistic for your message to arrive instantly at the recipient, so the bird is a message that takes time to arrive to it's destination.New folks (and plenty of old folks) might wonder how "that RP thing" works in TOR.

I just wanted to provide you with some example and some advice to familiarize you with what kind of things are possible, so you have an idea of what to expect on from RP.

Role play is a well established principle of education, psychotherapy, self-exploration, and entertainment.

We pretend to remove those limitations when simulating an experience.

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I am married and therefore I spend my on-line time seeking chat cyber or roleplay.the stars were to line up .possibly more.