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We first and foremost have to get baby on the monitor, see what baby's doing. So, we'd get the baby on the monitor, do vitals, and then get your IV started. The first thing is, if a vacuum or a forceps were used, the baby comes here right away. A lot of times the reasons that we use those instruments is the heart rate was down or we need to deliver the baby quick and sometimes the baby needs what's called resuscitation. The pediatrician can what we call work on the baby. See wet pussies get fucked hard by the long thick boners and jizz dripping out of pussy and mouth.See how a sexy pornstar jerks off veiny dick till it blows out a large sticky load. So the heart rate, the fetal heart rate, will come on this side of the strip. On the screen, it's an LCD screen, and it will show the blood pressure, the heart rate of the mom, and the baby's heart rate. We would monitor your contractions and the baby's heart rate with these two monitors.Each and every video here is given a rate out of five stars.

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And then this is the belly band that goes on, and this is what keeps the monitors on. So we would have you go change into your gown, give us a urine sample, and then come back, and then I would get you on the monitor.

Some people bring in their own gowns, but if you are going to bring your own gown in, we prefer it to unbutton so that you can have access to the IVs and things if you had to go back for a c-section.

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