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According to Iriawan if the sex chat is slander or the result of engineering, of course Rizieq and Firza felt harmed and then reported it to the police. The police have gathered evidence based on the information of experts, i.e., digital forensic and anthropometry experts, criminal experts, and linguists. There have been 20 witnesses and experts examined in the case.

In the papers, Chrystal also alleges the DCFS investigators asked if she'd ever given Ariel a very graphic demonstration regarding how to use Monistat 7.To most men the mind of women is a mystery of labyrinthine proportions.Whether it is about meeting them organically or on virtual platforms, most men appear clueless when it comes to delivering what they want. Men have got to understand that communicating over emails or Instant Messages is not the same as talking on the phone, or speaking in person.’ In a statement, the Winnipeg police said the officers couldn’t hear the public address system from inside the chopper.They sincerely apologise to all members of the public, especially those who overheard the broadcast.The big thing standing in Chrystal's way, of course, is a little something called attorney-client privilege and physician-client privilege.

COM - The case of circulating videos and screenshots using Whatsapp application with a conversation containing pornography between a suspected figure of Habib Rizieq with a woman called by netizen as a student of Habib Rizieq named Firza Husein is still rolling. "Yes, if made up, they felt harmed, but they never reported to the police. In the future, the investigator will also ask for information and data from the provider.

Unless you’re an outrageous extrovert or into some pretty kinky shiznit, you probably don’t want any unwanted earwiggers listening in on your phone sex.

So the worst thing you can imagine would be receiving a randy call while your mobile was on speaker, right? Spare a thought for two randy police officers in Winnipeg who were just trying to get their kicks – completely unaware their entire X-rated conversation was blaring out through helicopter loud speakers.

Aside from the salacious details of an affair, the story is just added to the ever-growing list of technological mishaps by men looking for love.

This one just happens to be embarrassing because he bases his career on his tech skills.

When the issue at hand is as sensitive as meeting women online, one needs to exercise their speech with caution.