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Additional (non-science-fiction) literary work has been published in Mc Sweeney's, and ZYZZYVA.Anders's work has appeared in Salon, In 2007, Anders brought attention to the policy of a San Francisco bisexual women's organization called "The Chasing Amy Social Club" that she felt was discriminatory, as it specifically barred preoperative transgender women from membership.


Achingly touching was Gottlieb's "Undone," heavily sad with the pain of lost love.The tales were generally well written, often gripping, and full of quotables.In "Music From Earth" Michelle Tea observes that "this was America, something San Francisco was not involved with."Swofford's "Escape and Evasion" was a gripping tale of a homosexual predator, where you see events partly through the eyes of a serial rapist, hoping he's caught and punished yet still fascinated by his twistedness.When the par­rot went miss­ing, I put my hat on, took my father-in-law’s Peruvian cane with the carved par­rot, asked my hus­band to come home, placed his skates by the gate, and head­ed out, leav­ing the entrance door unlocked.The par­rot, Torrap, had long dis­cov­ered how to unlock the cage door with a com­bined action of nails and beak, and how to open our bed­room door, by call­ing the dog’s name (God) and say­ing, “God! ” We kept the door closed because we were try­ing, but I was, secret­ly, on the pill.Your comment was successfully submitted and will be published in accordance with site policy.

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God’s heavy paw weighed down on the door­knob until it sur­ren­dered to the push, and on the occa­sions it didn’t, we were already awak­ened by the noise, so we opened the door to let them in and get a lit­tle rest.

Yet I couldn’t count on Torrap’s locksmith’s skills always.

Charlie Jane Anders is an American writer and commentator.

She has written several novels and is the publisher of other magazine, the "magazine of pop culture and politics for the new outcasts".

Within min­utes, my hus­band mes­saged he was on his way back.