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Caroline Jordan, president of the Girls' Schools Association (GSA) said it was 'old-fashioned' to assume that these schools do not offer plenty of appropriate opportunities for young women to interact with young men.'Boys in single-sex school tend to create their own artificial hierarchies where only those in the 1st XV rugby team are truly valued while girls-only schools sometimes suffer a degree of emotional intensity that can lead to bullying.'Contrast that with a co-educational world where girls admire the boys who dance, sing or act, and so, therefore, do the boys.

Contrast that too with a mixed environment where the emotional intensity of all girls is diluted by the boys.

Girls who attend single-sex schools leave with top grades but may be at a 'huge disadvantage' later on if they are unable to talk to boys, a leading headmaster has suggested (file photo of a mixed-sex school)'All parents looking for a school for their daughter have broadly similar criteria in mind,' he wrote.

'They want somewhere that readies their child for the world beyond the school gates, academically and socially.

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