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The Statement of Economic Interest Form must be filed on line with the State Ethics Commission, pursuant to The Equal Access to the Ballot Act (effective July 3, 2013).

A candidate is no longer required to file a paper copy of his/her Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) form with the Town Clerk when the resident files to become a candidate in an election. The Managers of Election shall see that each person offering to vote takes the oath that he/she is qualified to vote at this election according to the Constitution of this State and that he/she has not voted before in this election.

A candidate must still file an SEI Form and Campaign Disclosure Form with the State Ethics Commission online ( Voters who are blind, physically disabled or unable to read or write are entitled to assistance in casting his/her ballot.

Any person wishing to register to vote in this election must do so no later than August 12, 2017. This assistance may be given by anyone the voter chooses except his/her employer, an agent of his/her employer or an officer or agent of his/her union.

The Managers must be notified if assistance is needed.

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