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Take me out chinese dating show theme song

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On the popular programme, a single man tries to impress 30 single ladies across a series of rounds.

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Clair, who aims to be a sports therapist after graduating from university and is also a competitive kick-boxer, added: 'To be honest a lot of the girls were crying back stage because they didn't want to wear specific outfits on TV - they didn't want to look bad.You may click links below to watch the latest online shows (absolutely free): 1.Fei Cheng Wu Rao or If You Are the One 非诚勿扰 is a Chinese dating show hosted by Meng Fei.Wen-Jing Mo won at date with Aaron Withers on the hit ITV show in January and the pair were whisked off to Cyprus in the hope that romance would blossom.But the embarrassed programme had to axe footage of the pair together after their colourful work histories were revealed.The popular student had gone on the hit ITV to find love, with a Facebook post revealing his disappointment at not finding the one at York University.

Having completed his exams in June, he wrote: 'My one regret is not finding that one woman for me to spend the rest of my life with.'With this in mind I would love for you guys to send me any suggestions for potential girls that would like to become Mrs Charles Watkins.'Comment below and I shall pick the lucky girl!

The show is so popular and has attracted attention of many foreign media. Happy Camp 快乐大本营 is produced by Hunan TV Station, the most successful provincial level station in the country.

Started from 1997, the programme has remained in production since then.

If any girls have their lights on at the end, the men can pick one of them to take on a date.'The producers pulled some of the girls in and said, 'If you're waiting for George Clooney or Brad Pitt, they're not coming'.

They told us to keep our lights on for the next contestant, who was more than 10 years younger than me.

Speaking of Chinese variety TV shows, many people will first think of “Happy Camp” and “If You Are the One,” however in fact there are lots of other variety shows like “The Voice of China.” Various TV shows catches eyes of Chinese people.