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While I understand what the 5’10” shorties mean when they say they just want a tall hunk of a man to curl into, I can’t help but snort in derision. But come on, are the six-foot men really that hard to find?

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Yup, classic stories about that involves heightism. Some people won’t mind if it’s chocolate or vanilla. Some just look out for personality first instead of looks. If you get rejected by women who are taller than you, please know that it’s not YOU. You’re simply not their type, maybe it’s your personality, perhaps it’s your height. As I shared earlier, the taller girl I dated loved my personality. There is a feeling of protection that I get from a taller man, real or imagined. I stopped forcing myself to go out with men because it’s the politically correct thing to do. I had opened myself up to this man that turned out to be perfect even though on the outside, being so short, it didn’t seem like he would have been my type. I could wax on for pages about how wonderful he is to me and how much I enjoy having him in my life.I discovered two things: 1.) Height cannot be the only thing you have in common, sadly 2.) It’s weird dating someone taller.Accidents involving large trucks are among the most serious and most deadly in the United States.Everyone looks at you in wonder as if they have never seen a tall person.It's difficult to find proper clothes and just impossible to look sexy in heels.I’ve wasted most of the morning reading the posts and accompanying comments. Not wanting to date shorter men is sexist, Jezebel comments where all these 5’10” women are talking about how hard it is to find taller men, and the Guardian piece where the author admits that 5’10”, while tall, isn’t freakishly tall.

As a member of the freakishly tall female clan (6’5″ in my bare feet), I find all this endlessly fascinating.

Plus, growing up a taller woman was never that weird.

My mom is 5’10” and on his best days my dad might reach 5’7″. In fact, I never even dated someone taller than me until I was in my late, late 20s.

I'm a very loving,generous,loyal and a caring person.

So im looking for a tall broad man,some-one who looks after the person they'r...

That’s not to say that dating shorter men won’t invite the occasional rudy youngblood dating awkward moment I have written several columns about single women dating service u a discriminating against dating short men; these columns generated tall women dating short men free student dating a great deal of feedback from short guys who.