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Updating index eudora

updating index eudora-55

Eudora 5.1 (Add) (NOTE: The version available from 'Add new programs' been customized to have the correct information already added. Resend the message by right clicking on it, selecting 'Send Again', Queue the message and then File/Send Queued Messages j. Set Secure Sockets when Receiving to "Required, Alternate Port" 10. Follow How to add/update a certificate in Eudora instructions below. Select " " sign to expand the server certificate for imap.

updating index eudora-2updating index eudora-84

) instead of the correct status, and all of Eudora's automatically saved versions over the few days were visible.Clearly the mailbox's table of contents had become corrupted.In other programs, such a problem might require relying on a special database utility.As soon as you do anything that changes the contents of a mailbox, it will have more updates to do though.If there are legitimately updates to do, it shouldn't be a problem for that task to be running.It is possible that you may have some kind of problem where the updates can't be done for some reason.

Does the number of updates waiting to be done change or does it always say the same thing?

That won't change what Eudora is doing, but it will change when it shows you what it is doing.

You could also choose to turn indexed searching off altogether.

If the number changes, then it is probably working correctly.

If you don't like seeing the task, you can go to Tools | options | find messages and increase the number for when to show the update program in the task status window.

(Eudora 5.x): Go back to Tools/Options/Sending Mail and click on 'Last SSL Info' and then 'Certificate Information Manager' (Eudora 6.2): You might be prompted to add a certificate, in which case you can skip g and h below. Find the Server Certificate for US, California, EECS. Note that if you are using a mail server other than then your LDAP password and the password you use on the mail server should probably be the same. in-old, out-old, poptest-old) 6) Paste those folders from your "Copy of Eudora" folder to your new "c:\Eudora" folder 7) Start Eudora, configure for IMAP mail, notice your old folders are there, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can also import from other mail programs (e.g.