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Updating links in microsoft access

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When I open the table from which I am using the query and put the "Open Dates" field in descending order, the last date it shows an account open is 8/2/2011.

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Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free.After you link the tables, the tables in SSMA will appear with a small link icon.In Access, the tables will appear with a "linked" icon. When you open a table in Access, the data is retrieved using a keyset cursor.For linking webpages or websites, right-click the link to edit and From Hyperlink sub menu, select Edit Hyperlink. Upon clicking hyperlink, it will immediately open up specified webpage address in default browser.If you want to use your existing Access applications with SQL Server, you can link your original Access tables to the migrated SQL Server or SQL Azure tables.After you link the tables and verify functionality, you might want to delete your Access tables.

When you link an Access table to a SQL Server or SQL Azure table, the Jet database engine stores connection information and table metadata, but the data is stored in SQL Server or SQL Azure.

In this post we will guide you on creating a table field having Hyperlink data type. In Hyperlink assigned data fields, you will notice that on entering values it will automatically turns them into blue, indicating linked data.

Now close the Design view and save the changes made. Repeat the same procedure for assigning hyperlink to other email addresses in table field.

I confirmed with our IT dept that I am linked to the correct server and sql database. When I right click on the table it indicates that it has the correct DSN and database......

Hi, Can anyone point me in the right direction to learn how to get real time updates in an Access form from an Excel spreadsheet?

I'm trying to link the following formula which exists in an Excel spreadsheet and works perfectly to an Access form. C2=(C1-A2 B2) I would drag this formula down for a coupel of hundred records ( or "rows"), which leaves me initially with column C full of zeros and that's OK. The A column is any number and the B column is any number.