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Updating mysql version

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Make sure that you make the startup script executable, and update the rc.d database to notify the system about the presence of a new startup script.There you go, you have a My SQL 5.5 server up and running in no time!

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Sometimes this involves dumping and reloading tables, or use of a statement such as be done before upgrading.I am having data of 20 GB with My SQL version 5.0.24.Now I want to update My SQL to newer version 5.5.16.Though it is always a good idea to make a backup before doing a major upgrade.First make a backup of the data in your existing database: How to migrate your existing My SQL database off of your application server to scale your environment.Unless otherwise documented, the following upgrade paths are supported: If you upgrade an installation originally produced by installing multiple RPM packages, upgrade all the packages, not just some.

For example, if you previously installed the server and client RPMs, do not upgrade just the server RPM.

That’s exactly the reason why I have myself upgraded to My SQL 5.5 (The server running this blog run My SQL 5.5).

Now since I haven’t come across a guide to help in upgrading to My SQL 5.5, I thought why not make one myself. The My SQL startup script has to be placed in the directory where all the startup scripts reside, so that My SQL starts on system startup.

Do share your thoughts if you try out My SQL 5.5 UPDATE: This article is translated to Serbo-Croatian language by Anja Skrba from

Ovais is a storage architect with keen focus on reliability, efficiency and performance of OLTP databases, more specifically My SQL.

Does anyone could run My SQL 5.6 with Server Pilot? I was getting this error consistently on the low-end droplet with 512MB RAM and nothing worked except... Here's the simple sequence: Hi everyone, In fact I do not have the same version of My SQL on my old VPS ( wheezy - My Sql Server 5.6) and my new one (Jessie 8.5 - My Sql 5.5) so my imports cause an errors .