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Updating old cupboards

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Ours was a little on the insane side, but it ended perfectly. I decided to trim the doors out to cover part of the old-fashioned hinge that extended onto the cabinet door. I just felt like that poke-y part was a bit too dated.It was crazy getting settled just in time to host our family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Tears came easily and our family time was just really sweet. I’ve been looking forward to sharing this cost effective way to update your kitchen cabinets. I noticed the green and knew there was copper under there. I bought a sheet of 1/4″ plywood and I had the guys at Lowe’s cut it into 3″ strips.

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And by far the most expensive part of this project is replacing or refacing the cabinets—so what's the solution?For this makeover, I removed and replaced all the hinges and handles, cleaned and refinished the doors, and cut and painted grooves in the faces.The plain-looking kitchen was reborn with a more stylish Craftsman appearance.It seems like such an insignificant element to add to try and create an effect on an entire room, but adding a mirror in the kitchen achieves all sorts of visual positivity.It's an unexpected element in the kitchen so it instantly makes a statement.When we were looking to buy this house I knew without a doubt something had to be done with the kitchen.

On the bright side the cabinets are solid oak and were in overall great condition, but they were coated, and I mean coated in grease.

I wanted to preserve the beautiful copper hardware, so I used painter’s tape to cover up the hinges before I painted.

On the very last warm-ish day of the year, I laid out all the drawers and doors and got my painting on with my paint sprayer. I had them all primed with Zinsser oil based primer within 15 minutes.

Bring tired kitchen cabinets back to life with a good cleaning, new hardware, a fresh finish and a few simple, creative accents.

This article explains basic techniques that will help you get the look of a new kitchen without the expense of new cabinets.

A collection of doors found at the dump have been used to create cupboards in the bedroom of the home of Kresse Wesling and James Henrit, aka Elvis & Kresse; the lampshade is made from the hoop from Glenfiddich barrel and a coffee sack.