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Try to spend a couple minutes at the start of each meeting discussing personal updates.

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But most importantly, you can join a community of caring and know that you’re not alone.It’s that kind of personal chit-chat, however, that helps employees relate to each other.Remote teams have to build time for small talk into group meetings.Looking forward to staying there in the future We really enjoyed staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Very professional check in and we upgraded to a terrace suite with view of the Bellagio fountains which was well worth the extra dollars as we found out.The Room was very comfortable, the hotel is well kept up and the food and beverage venues are not only excellent, but far superior to the competition. Might want to eat early if you want to be able to talk. The suite was exceptionally clean, tidy and luxurious.To be honest, I’ve started a support group with the help of my local EFA and a local hospital – complete with an epileptologist!

We have an established time and place to meet…with some materials available…snacks…and occasionally a guest speaker.

However, there are resources available where you can get the help – and materials – you need.

The Epilepsy Foundation, as I found out, is only too eager to help…affiliates can provide information and referral assistance; maintain individual and family support services.

"You’re just going to have to keep ordering those roses." I order my fourth drink immediately. Shortly after that, Casey and I get in a cab headed back to our hotel.

By PM, Casey and another colleague are deep in discussion regarding their romantic lives. I suspect there was a minimum of 40 roses between Casey and me by the time the evening was out, plus another shot of Jameson to send us into the cab, and then beers with the video crew when we got back to the hotel.

Even better, use a video conferencing system like Skype and ask 1-2 questions about their week round-robin style.