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Who is damon albarn dating

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‘I had a girlfriend and she dumped me because she said she didn’t want to go out with a rat.I was 10, and I cried for two days.’ Whatever, his name’s everywhere this year, from the BBC’s Sound of 2016 longlist to the stages of Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds this summer. In fact, for four months he’s been crashing in Albarn’s west-London recording studio: ‘I’m shy around Damon, because I’ve only just got past the dribbling phase to where I can actually talk to him, but he’s always really supportive.’ He shifts uncomfortably.

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Grace Jones, Mavis Staples, De La Soul - wie hast Du die Kollaborationspartner ausgesucht? "It's the message of coming here and doing this that's the most important thing," Albarn told at the time, "and being able to keep the agenda on music.Damon Albarn can easily fill an hour with stories of how he seeks, wrangles and records the motley armies of guest vocalists, players and contributing producers that pack the Blur singer's periodic albums of apocalyptically charged hip-hop, credited to the cartoon-avatar quartet Gorillaz.But in 2017, it's no challenge to be familiar with one of the biggest international groups of the past decade, and the dating habits of its most famous member, without ever knowingly hearing a single note of their music.I pause here to mention that while all boy bands are alike to my ears, some of One Direction's songs were noticeably better—which is to say less gratuitously horrible—than most.Blur's Damon Albarn, who has travelled to Mali frequently since 2002 to collaborate with local artists there, was given the status of "local king" earlier this month when he returned to the West African nation to perform at the Festival Acoustik Bamako.

BBC Radio 4 reports that in addition to the honorary title, Albarn also had a classroom at a local music school named after him.

Wie es wäre, wenn Donald Trump die Präsidentschaftswahlen in den USA gewinnen würde.

Und wie es wäre, wenn wir dann plötzlich alle unsere Menschlichkeit verlieren und zu digitalen Geistern werden würden.

‘I don’t want to bang on about him because he’ll think I’m weird.’ Born Jordan Cardy to Bret, a welder, and Miriam, a hairdresser, he grew up in Chelmsford, Essex.

He’s severely dyslexic and struggled at school (‘I got denied a job at Mc Donald’s, Co-op and Tesco; my GCSEs weren’t good enough’) but has been writing songs since he was 11.

That isn't saying much, but given Styles's profile, it also isn't saying nothing.