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Couples in relationships are faced with a never-ending battle between themselves.

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Jarang dari kita yang melihat apa yang kita kerjakan sebagai catatan sejarah yang kita bangun sendiri. Bagi saya, apa yang kita lalui hari ini, harus berdampak terhadap kebaikan diri.The first time I started dating someone I met online, she had asked me to tell her friends we met at a coffee shop, which was the first place we had a date.Now, although technically that was the truth, I didn’t fully understand why she didn’t want to tell them where we had met– through a dating site search.Plenty Of Fish portrays the message that dating is more of a social activity rather than creating an “ideal match” for it’s members, therefore it’s more about getting people connected in many different ways; all depending on what the member is looking for.With instant chat, forums, and local event postings, Plenty Of Fish is not only easy-to-use, but it’s fairly simple to navigate.Sehingga banyak yang merasa berakhirnya hari adalah sebuah rutinitas belaka. Apa yang kita jalani esok hari, adalah hasil dari usaha perbaikan atas hari-hari sebelumnya.

Sehingga, jangan pernah membiarkan hari berakhir begitu saja tanpa kesan. Kita tidak akan pernah bertemu dengan hari ini lagi di hari-hari berikutnya.

There is a general perception that a love story starts as any fairytale would.

It involves two people who would be the prince and the princess of this story. For the entire duration of the fairytale, they fight to be together until they can.

The objective of working through a boring or troublesome relationship is by going back to where it all started; at the point where they couple fell in love.

There was that element of surprising each other constantly, with beautiful and new things.

Settling down with your special person does not mean everything in your life needs to settle down.