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Zoroastrian dating

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The Parsi Zoroastrian population in India is pegged at 69,000, of which 40,000 reside in Mumbai.

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Though Zoroastrianism was never, even in the thinking of its founder, as insistently , was never understood in an absolute, rigorous fashion.Over the past forty years, the field of early Islamic history has been transformed by two broad trends: first, the use of non-Muslim sources to enhance, verify, and critique the information contained in mainstream Muslim texts; and second, a growing interest in the relationship between the early Muslims and the religious communities they encountered across the late antique Middle East.These changes have produced fresh insights into the history of Christians and Jews in particular, as well as the texts they composed.These scholars generally try to compare the social aspects of life during Zarathushtra (as can be deducted from the Gathas) and compare it with the first accurately known times, namely, the Achaemenian era, and then place a date.The Pahlavi of the Bundahishn, one of the Zoroastrian scripture written around the time of the Arab conquest of Persia, (either in the Sassanian era, or after the Arab attack), states that Zarathushtra was born in 588 BC, stating that this was 258 years before Alexander’s conquest of Persia.Live Chat uses the latest technology and programming system in order to make a very fast, simple and user-friendly environment for our valuable visitors.

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What can scholars of Islamic history learn from this relatively untapped corpus of Middle Persian sources?

What do these texts reveal about early interactions between Muslims and Zoroastrians?

The study that backed the campaign was carried out by Parzor Foundation and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).

Among reasons for dwindling numbers, late and non-marriage emerged top of the chart with fertility decline.

When his friends and family didn’t tire from coaxing him to “find a nice Parsi girl”, Patel began to seriously ponder on ways to meet and greet.